Bitcoin Casinos New Jersey 2021

bitcoin new jersey

New Jersey has a very developed online casino system. Casinos work diligently every day to improve their performance. Therefore, for the convenience of casino players, they began to accept Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It allows you to make deposits and withdrawals quickly and without commission in a special e-currency.

These casinos have good advantages for players, so for players who like to place large bets, Bitcoin can be a great solution. Casinos that accept Bitcoin have a good selection of games and generous bonuses for new and returning players. Next, we want to tell you in more detail about the Bitcoin payment system, its advantages, and disadvantages.

Moreover, we will tell you how to make a deposit or withdraw money correctly using cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin Payment System: How to Use It

Bitcoin is a payment system that has been available since 2009. It is actively used both in everyday life and for gambling casinos. Players can both make deposits and withdraw money using bitcoins. The player does not need to make additional costs for opening a bitcoin e-wallet, pay for its maintenance, or pay a commission for making transactions. For gamblers who like to gamble with big bets, Bitcoin can be a good payment option. Thus, this payment method is a special wallet that stores a special currency, which is considered much more expensive than regular monetary currency. The exchange rate of the conventional currency to cryptocurrency makes a big difference, which impresses players at first. However, this allows you to win more money thanks to large bets with bitcoins.

How to Choose a Reliable Bitcoin Casino

If you decide to start playing at an online casinos NJ, then you need to choose the best casino that accepts bitcoin. To do this, you need to pay attention to the factors that affect the course of the game and the experience of using the casino. These include many factors: license, fast payouts, game choices, customer support, mobile, and human choice.


The license is the main factor to look for when choosing a casino. If the casino is not licensed, it means that it does not meet the requirements for obtaining a license. The casino license can be viewed at the bottom of the home page of any casino website. There are many types of licenses – Curacao, Gibraltar, Malta, and many others. They are given only by the best casinos that have been tested for many factors of casino quality and safety. Therefore, first, pay attention to the availability of a license on the casino website.

Fast Payments

All players love fast payouts. A good casino quickly processes requests for payments and the player does not have to wait long for the coveted win. The best casinos have many payment methods that players can use. Among them, there are credit cards, e-wallets, and many others. These include the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, with which you can quickly make deposits and withdraw money. So, check your payout speed and enjoy fast payouts at top casinos.

Variety of Games

A good casino has a large collection of different gambling solutions. Among them, you can find slot machines, card games (poker, baccarat, blackjack, and many others), table games (roulette, chess, checkers, bingo, keno), and lotteries, and many other options for games. Some casinos also offer live dealer games. Such games give the player the presence of other players and a live dealer. With the help of the camera, the player can observe the live dealer and communicate with him using a special chat. So, look for the best games from the best gambling providers.

Customer Support

Customer support should be available at the casino. After all, if you have a problem, then you need to find a solution quickly. Moreover, the best specialists of the best casinos will help you with this. Customer support at many casinos is available via live chat, hotline, and email addresses. Thus, players can call or write to experts and they can quickly help you find solutions to problems. Many casinos have support departments: financial, technical, and general support. Each department deals with its issue and helps the players.

Mobile Version

Nowadays, many players are playing on mobile devices. Therefore, you need to pay attention to whether the casino has a mobile version or a mobile application. Many casinos offer optimized mobile versions that work well on both Android and iOS devices. Mobile applications can be downloaded to your device and used anywhere and anytime. Thus, try to enter the online casino site using a mobile device and check for a mobile version.

Players’ Choice

If you already have a proven casino that you trust and have been using for a long time, then you can use it. Most importantly, check out his cooperation with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. If you can make deposits or withdraw money in Bitcoin at this casino, then you can happily use it. You should not look for a new casino if you already have a proven casino that has brought you a lot of good experiences and big wins. Thus, play in a casino that you trust and where you feel comfortable and safe.

Deposit Process
Game Selection
SSL certificate
Live Support

Best Places to Buy Bitcoin

When discussing bitcoins, the question always arises where you can buy them. For this, there are special places where you can make transactions with bitcoins. There you can both buy bitcoins and sell or exchange them. We have selected the best places where you can perform the operations you need.

1. Coinbase is the largest Bitcoin money transaction platform. In addition to bitcoins, players can make transactions with other cryptocurrencies, thus having a better chance of using them when playing in a casino and making more money.

2. Coinmama is known for its good service, which gives players the help they need and guides them to make the most of their purchases. This is one of the leading platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, which allows players to perform the necessary operations here with maximum profit.

3. LocalBitcoins is an interesting platform for selling and buying cryptocurrency because it accepts many other methods of payment. With their help, you can buy several bitcoins and create your electronic wallet for storing bitcoins.

How to Play as an Anonym at Bitcoin Casino

If a player wants to play anonymously, then he must fulfill many conditions to maintain his anonymity. We have collected the most important rules, following which you can keep your identity safe and secret.

  • Do not supply any personal information to bitcoin services. When buying currency and creating an account, do not provide information that is in any way connected with your personality. Do not share any personal information so that it will not be passed on to third parties. Come up with names and dates so that nothing ties your real identity and account to Bitcoin.
  • Use only reliable trusted bitcoin casinos. To play, you need to use only casinos that maintain your anonymity and do not distribute information to others. Carefully choose a casino that you can trust and where you will feel safe.
  • Use a different bitcoin wallet address for every transfer. Each of your transfers and replenishments should take place on a new electronic wallet for bitcoins. To do this, you need to have several accounts, which you can use simultaneously on several casino sites.

Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling

There are numerous benefits available to those who use bitcoins to play. Next, we have compiled a list of benefits so that you can more easily understand what benefits await you when using bitcoins.

  • Security. The player is safe when using a bitcoin wallet because the bitcoin system has one of the best protections in the world. The player can be sure that he is playing in complete safety and nothing will happen to his funds.
  • Speed. All financial transactions take place quickly, which can only please the player. Deposits and withdrawals take place within a few seconds and players always note the high speed of financial transactions.
  • Anonymity. All operations are carried out anonymously, the players are kept in complete secrecy and their data is not transferred to third parties. Players can make financial transactions without worrying that their data will be available to fraudsters.
  • Great customer support. Customer support is always ready to help and advise the player on how to solve a particular problem both with the casino and with monetary transactions. Customer support solves issues quickly and around the clock. It can usually be contacted via live chat, hotline, or email address.
  • No fees. All financial transactions are carried out without additional fees. The player pays only the amount that he wants and for which the request is made. The player does not need to pay additional fees for using bitcoins.
SecurityConstant Fluctuations

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Gambling

However, despite many advantages, the use of bitcoins also has disadvantages. We have also compiled them into a list to make it easier for the player to compare the pros and cons of using Bitcoin. Next, we offer you the following cons.

  • Fluctuations. The bitcoin rate about the regular currency is quite high, which makes it costly. Some players will be surprised at the amount that comes out after converting bitcoins.
  • Taxes. For withdrawing money, the player will have to pay tax, since a large amount of money in bitcoins will be withdrawn. Thus, when withdrawing money, a certain percentage will be deducted from the winning amount.
  • No refund. It is very difficult for the player to get the bitcoins back. Therefore, think carefully about all the operations that you perform, and whether you need them. If you are sure of the transaction, then you can proceed with the financial transfer.

Types of Bitcoin Wallets

Players can have different types of wallets to store bitcoins. Each of them has features that are responsible for different functions of the electronic wallet. Below we will tell you about each type of wallet and its benefits.

  1. Online Wallet. The wallet is located online and does not have a physical medium. The vault is located on a dedicated server with a dedicated place for bitcoins. Thus, players can access the wallet online.
  2. Software Wallet. The wallet is located in a program that is stored on specific online storage. The player can download it to their device and use it for their purposes. Thus, such wallets also do not have a physical medium and can only be used online.
  3. Hardware Wallets. The wallet is located on special hardware that needs to be purchased. It can be located at the player’s home or in a special room. Access to the wallet is possible through the USB port using a special cable that connects the device to the storage.

Play Online Casinos with Bitcoin

Many New Jersey casinos accept Bitcoin as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. This payment method allows the casino to attract rich gamblers who will make big bets and bring a lot of income to the casino. Some casinos even give bonuses for using bitcoins as payment. The player can get up to a 15% refund of the deposit amount for using this payment method. In addition to bitcoins, these casinos accept other payment methods such as credit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid cards. All of them allow you to play for money, but do not provide such opportunities as Bitcoin. Making deposits and withdrawing money has never been easier. Due to the absence of commissions and other advantages, bitcoin gives the player new opportunities that will bring players great profits. Thus, playing with bitcoins gives the player new experiences and opportunities that bring great profits to the player. Deposit with bitcoins is fast and commission-free. You do not need other costs for paying for services and making deposits. Play the best bitcoin casinos and win more money with your bitcoin e-wallet.

How to Make Deposits with Bitcoin

Many players do not know how to make deposits with bitcoins correctly. Thus, we decided to compile a list that will help players make a correct deposit at a casino that accepts bitcoin.

  1. Create a Bitcoin wallet. First, the player needs to have a cryptocurrency wallet. Players can create it on many sites and get a reliable wallet to use Bitcoin. The creation process is not complicated and does not require special skills and abilities. Once created, you can proceed to the next stage.
  2. Fill up a wallet. After its creation, the player needs to deposit currency to this wallet. This can be done in special banks, where they will create a transfer to the required wallet, or the player can do it online without specialists. After replenishing the wallet, you can proceed to the next stage.
  3. Choose a casino that accepts Bitcoin. Next, the player must choose a casino with Bitcoins. To do this, it is worth considering many factors that can affect the operation of the casino and the player’s rest. Therefore, be careful when choosing a casino so that you do not get a bad experience.
  4. Make a deposit. After the player has chosen the casino, he must register and make a deposit. By filling out the registration form, the player creates a personal account. Further, down in the cashier section, he can choose Bitcoin as a payment method. Next, the player enters the amount for which he wants to make a deposit and can start playing.

Bitcoin Casino Withdrawals

Withdrawing money with Bitcoin is as easy as making deposits. However, for this purpose, we also make a list of things that the player needs to do to withdraw money from the casino account.

  1. Go to the cashier and select a payment method. After the player has finished playing and wanted to withdraw his winnings, he must go to the cashier section. There the player must define his payment method. Among the payment methods, you need to find Bitcoin and choose it as a method of withdrawing money.
  2. Enter wallet details. After the player has chosen Bitcoin as the withdrawal method, he must enter the wallet details and the amount he wants to withdraw from the casino account. Next, the player must check the data for withdrawing money again. After entering the data, the player needs to wait a few seconds for the operation to be successful.

Mobile Gambling with Bitcoin

Mobile casino

Most players prefer to play from mobile phones because this type of game is convenient and does not require any special factors. The player only needs an internet connection and a charger in the event of a phone discharge. Moreover, mobile casinos have two access options – in the form of a mobile application and a mobile version of the site. The casino mobile application must be downloaded to the device. It takes up space on your phone or tablet. The apps are available on the official website or in application stores for Android and iOS devices. The mobile version is available without downloading to the device. The player needs to go to the site using a browser and the mobile version of the site will open in front of him. Thus, mobile versions are a convenient way to play where and when it is convenient for the player in a simplified but no less functional form.

Bitcoin Casino Games


In casinos where bitcoin is available, a wide variety of games is available from the best gambling providers. These include games such as slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat. Each game has features that bring flavor to the player.


Slot machines are a special game located on 5 reels and 3 lines. These reels contain special symbols, from which the player needs to collect winning combinations. The more combinations the player collects, the more his winnings will be. There are many types of slot machines. They differ in the theme of the game, bonus spins, gameplay, and interface. However, the main rule of the game remains unchanged – you need to collect winning combinations from symbols and win big prizes.


Roulette is a board game that enjoys great success among players. Its rules are very simple. In front of the player, there is a roulette wheel with a set of numbers from 0 to 36. The player can place bets on these numbers or their color, belonging to a dozen or a half. The dealer or computer starts spinning the roulette wheel, and with it the ball, which will stop at the number when the roulette wheel stops. Thus, roulette is an easy game to win even the smallest winnings. You can familiarize yourself with payments for a certain rate in the corresponding section.


Blackjack is a card game that can only be compared in popularity to poker. At the beginning of the game, the player receives 2 cards. His task is to collect the sum of cards equal to 21. Cards from two to nine give the number of points that correspond to the face value. Cards from ten to king give ten points. Moreover, the ace gives one or eleven points. The player can take another card if he needs it to collect the amount, which is not enough. If the player cannot collect 21 points, then he can collect an amount less than 21, but more than several cards in the dealer’s hand.


The principle of baccarat is similar to the principle of blackjack. In this game, the player also receives two cards, with the help of which he must collect a certain amount. The amount should be equal to 9. If the player cannot collect the amount of 9, then he needs to collect the amount less than 9, but more than from the dealer. Each card has a meaning that helps the player collect winning points. Thus, a player with two cards can win a big win and withdraw it in bitcoin.

Exclusive Bonuses for New Jersey Bitcoin Players

Welcome Bonus
Free Spins Bonus
Deposit Bonus
Vip Program
No Deposit Bonus
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bonuses
Reload Bonus

Among the bonuses that Bitcoin casinos offer, the most popular are welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and free spins. We will discuss each of them below.

  • The player receives welcome bonuses after registering and making the first deposit. These may include a refund of the full amount of the deposit and free spins on a specific slot.
  • The player receives no deposit bonuses under special conditions. Each bonus does not require a deposit, but can be received on holidays, during tournaments, or voluntarily requested by the client.
  • Free spins are given to players to play on slot machines. These bonuses can lead the player to the bonus game much faster than playing on their own. This bonus should be wagered in the form of free spins with the minimum available bet.

History of Bitcoin

The history of Bitcoin dates back to 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto created an electronic currency. Since 2009, cryptocurrency has become very popular and has begun to gain momentum. Nowadays, many players and ordinary people have bitcoin storage facilities that they use for their purposes. Thus, over ten years, bitcoin gained a good reputation and became a full-fledged currency known all over the world.


  • Can I play on bitcoin casinos from my phone?
    Yes, many casinos that accept bitcoins are mobile supported.

  • Why has the Bitcoin casino become so popular?
    This type of casino is becoming more popular due to the spread of this currency around the world.

  • In what games can I play in the Bitcoin casino?
    The player can play any games offered by the casino. These can be slot machines, card and table games, and many others.

  • Are Bitcoin Casinos legal in New Jersey?
    Yes, many of them have licenses from Malta and Curacao, which allow online casinos to operate in New Jersey.