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Responsible Gambling

Introduction to Gambling Addiction Problem

Despite its range of comparative advantages, online gambling might still be problematic for specific categories of gamers. Gambling addiction can develop and change one’s life for the worse, even if an individual is playing slots online. In this article, you will get to know more about the signs of addiction and discover how not to fall into this trap. Those seeking help can benefit from reading our article by reviewing the most influential organizations that help tackle addictive behavior. Since dependence on gambling is a real issue in New Jersey, finding out more about this topic is a must for all players.

01. How not to Fall into Addiction

Before you learn more about the common signs of gambling dependence, you should be aware of how to avoid critical conditions. In most cases, addiction to casino games is a psychological issue that can be tackled if you perceive gambling seriously. Some of the most useful steps you can take personally to avoid dependence are:

  • Deposit limits. Accessing your favorite online slots and table games is an entertaining way to spend an evening or two. Please note that gambling, much like any other pastime, should be limited. Try setting financial limits for a fixed period to measure how much money you spend.
  • Reality checks. Even though online casinos are engaging, but setting out limits on the time you spend is wise. Do your best to limit how much time you spend in front of a casino’s websites.
  • Take a break. If you’ve recently lost a considerable amount of money, consider taking a break from casinos for some time. That way, you restore a desire to play without risking to lose even more cash in an attempt to win your losses back.
  • Self-exclude. In case you feel like losing control over your gameplay, self-excluding is a great idea. Don’t hesitate to do so, even if you just need a break from casinos for some time.
  • Track your history. On virtually any decent gambling website, you can find a dedicated feature for extracting your gameplay record. Once getting that report, you can browse throughout the history of your deposits, wagers, and deposits. It might be a great idea to get a picture of your gameplay habits without actually restricting yourself.

Even if you’re a casual player right now, the mentioned steps are useful for building a healthy relationship with online casinos. Be sure to comply with them to avoid the typical risks of falling into severe gambling addiction.

02. Signs You May Be Gambling Addicted

In case you hesitate to spot a dependence on gaming websites, the best way to understand is to contact a professional. The crucial feature of online gambling addiction, much like with other disorders, is that an addicted person cannot recognize the issue. For that reason, you are advised to take a closer look at your relatives, friends, and acquaintances who are fond of online gameplay. Some of the most worrying signs that indicate issues with online gambling are:

  • Gambling for a prolonged period of time. It is not a big deal for any casual player to stop playing whenever more essential activities are waiting. In the case of addicted individuals, it might be problematic to stop playing as a whole.
  • Suffering from mood swings and altered perception of reality. Those players having problems with control over gambling facilities often lose control of their behavior. It is especially evident in dozens of mood swings and an overwhelming focus on casinos.
  • Hiding casino losses from other people. Individuals who struggle from casino dependence hide transactions from other people. If you see that a close person is weirdly acting when it comes to losses and winnings, you can confidently say that specific dependence issues occur.
  • Borrowing money. Even if it takes place online, gambling addiction often comes along with borrowing money from other people. Addicted individuals are prone to borrow cash from any available source to invest in gaming even more. What is more terrific is that addicted people often cannot pay that money back.
  • Breaking promises. One of the most common signs that a person suffers from dependence is a history of breaking significant promises. If a close person intentionally omits important social gatherings or neglects work to gamble, addiction is most likely to occur.
  • Trying to win the lost money back. According to dozens of gaming experts, a desire to gamble to win the missing money back is the most severe addiction sign. This action is one of those traps that makes people lose even more funds, eventually creating even more problems.
  • Escaping from real-life problems. Another evident sign that a person might have issues related to online casinos is a decision to run from real-life matters. You can be confident that particular individual struggles with gambling when that person does its best to avoid all responsibilities to gamble.
  • Hiding gameplay. Some gamers tend to access online casinos at night or in a dedicated safe space not to be seen by other individuals. If you have spotted your close friend hiding from other people to gamble, it can certainly be regarded as problematic behavior.

All those signs displayed above can come united or appear separately, regardless of each individual addictive personality. Since you cannot characterize gambling addiction for yourself, it is always advised to contact professionals who can help you. It is still beneficial to know these signs by yourself and track the behavior of people you sincerely care about.

03. Where Get Help

Once you’ve spotted that something is wrong, it is of paramount importance to contact the professionals. In most cases, an addicted individual cannot help itself since online casinos preoccupy their minds. If you have always wanted to know what organizations can help addicted people, the following projects might come in handy. We will now shed light on the most efficient organizations that have already helped thousands of people free the gambling addiction chains, as follows.

Gamblers Anonymous is an organization of women and men united with a single purpose of coping with gambling issues. This organization’s only requirement is to own a sincere desire to quitting casino gameplay once and forever. This project features a unique recovery program and the unity project.

Except for these features, Gamblers Anonymous hosts the US and international events and hotlines. You can share your experience, get qualified help, and join a large community dedicated to fighting gambling addiction. Those willing to get involved can do it in just a few clicks on this organization’s main website.

Bettors Anonymous is also a specific organization aimed at helping people cope with betting addiction. Except for having a comprehensive recovery plan, Bettors Anonymous also hosts dozens of events and meetings across the globe. You can find out more about the history and features of this project on their main website.

The good news about this project is that it is aimed at assisting people suffering from betting dependence. You are welcome to check out or tune in to one of the online meetings happening daily. There, you will be able to ask questions, share your problem, and get qualified help.

Gambling Therapy is a specialized platform dedicated to helping US gamblers with compulsive disorders. It features live support, a list of specialized therapy support forums, and hosts online and on-site contact groups. Except for community projects, Gambling Therapy also has a dedicated section aimed to provide gamblers with sufficient resources for self-help and self-exclusion.

In case you’re a US gambler who suffers from online addiction, give this website a try. Choose either live support or join one of the pre-existing groups to help yourself quitting online casinos.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is a free, confidential, and 24/7 resource that was created to assist US players with online gambling addiction. On this platform’s main website, you can get up-to-date information articles or join a therapy group.

What makes this project so beneficial is full anonymity and the year-round support available in English and Spanish. You don’t need health insurance to receive all those services since a referral service is completely free of charge. Even though this platform doesn’t provide counseling services, its informational feature is worth mentioning.

Even though dozens of other organizations aimed to ease addicted individuals’ struggles exist, the mentioned fours are the most respected ones. If a close person of yours has apparent issues with online gambling, contacting one of the indicated organizations is a must.

04. Summary

When it comes to the issue of online gambling addiction, it is still a worrying issue for thousands of gamblers in New Jersey. Since it is almost impossible to track any signs of dependence on a personal level, following the behavior of your close associates’ behavior is a must.

You should be aware that there are dozens of approaches to avoid dependence, such as those mentioned earlier. If one of your close friends has one of the signs of addiction, consider taking action. One of the most effective ways is to contact a respective organization capable of helping with addiction. After all, gamble wisely and responsibly, not greedily!